this week, we love…

27 Sep

::the sartorialist: scott schuman’s fashion blog. this man is one of my idols. the concept of his blog is so eloquently simple, and schuman helped pave the way for fashion photography in blog form. i’m also dying for a copy of his book!

::wine/champagne/groceries by mail: one of the many joys/conveniences of living in new york. no need to leave your home to get a little bubbly-fied 🙂

::the rachel zoe project: although i’m still catching up on the episodes, ms. zoe is so major. she continues to captivate me with her amazing job, catchphrases and furs. not to mention my love for brad!

::booties and military-inspired looks (also currently obsessed with chanel’s nailcolor in khaki vert): because who doesn’t want to be commander-in-chic? these are part of my must-haves for fall — more to come on those later — stay tuned!


One Response to “this week, we love…”

  1. Papi September 27, 2010 at 3:14 am #

    Derpa Derp… this weeks list is saucalicious.

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