say it ain’t so!

26 Aug

this weekend marks the end of summer. goodbye, lazy days at the pool, gelatto, havaianas, bad tan lines. until next year. i’m not exactly sure where my summer went, but i plan to live up the last few days of it!

lauren conrad’s style epitomizes summertime for me – maybe that’s why i’ve constantly featured her on my blog this season. i just tried this new hairstyle of hers. thought i would share the instructions for it with you all. rock it while you still can! B-)


1) blow-dry hair.
2) wrap thick sections around a curling iron for loose waves.
3) create thin braids in front. pin in back. 
4) finish by pulling down the curls to loosen. set with light hairspray.


you’re either een or you’re out!

3 Aug

i love, love, LOVE project runway and am so happy for its return. however, is anyone else bored by the lack of creativity so far this season? i can’t really see any of the designers making it big – except for kelli and kenley. what ticked me off the most was the gristedes challenge during episode 1 – i couldn’t believe only one or two of the contestants used produce to create their garments! most of them used tablecloths or other fabrics, which is pretty much cheating..

but i digress. i was really impressed by kenley and leanne this week (their designs below): 


the rest of the designers need to get their mojos going…or auf wiedersehen! holla atcha girl 🙂

valuable lessons from carrie, samantha, miranda and charlotte

17 Jun

the long-awaited sex and the city movie hit theaters at the end of may. and it did not disappoint. after seeing it not once – but twice – within the first few weeks of its release, i thought i’d share some lessons learned from my favorite characters.

if you’re one of the handful of women who hasn’t seen the movie yet, a) you need to rush to a theater near you! and b) do *not* read any further 😉 

1) – is a real website! as carrie’s assistant mentions in the movie, it’s like the “netflix for purses.” using the innovative website, women who lust for designer accessories, including bags, sunglasses and jewelry, can “borrow” items for affordable rates. if they fall in love with one of the accessories, users can even choose to “steal” an item! talk about product placement at its best! 


2) one should never wear a bird as a wedding accessory – although i thought she pulled it off elegantly, wearing that turquoise bird on her head spelled trouble for carrie. stick to tiaras or flowers, people.

3) beautiful love letters and walk-in closets will never go out of style – one of beethoven’s last love letters was featured in the movie:

Be calm, only by a calm consideration of our existence can we achieve our purpose to live together – Be calm – love me – today – yesterday – what tearful longings for you – you – you – my life – my all – farewell. Oh continue to love me – never misjudge the most faithful heart of your beloved

ever thine

ever mine

ever ours

4) coloring outside the lines!! – ‘nuff said.

5) the best label a woman can wear is love – whether it’s the love of your family, a significant other, your friends, or for yourself. i think this message and that of forgiveness touched me the most of all. it’s sometimes easy to overlook how lucky we are for the people that enrich our daily lives. and i never want to forget!

anyone else ready for the sequel??? 

fun in the sun

5 Jun

seems a torrential downpour has swept through d.c. tonight! this craptastic weather only makes me all the more anxious for sunny days, sunglasses and the tank tops that patiently await me in my walk-in closet 🙂 

speaking of sunglasses, do you know which types are most flattering for your face? are you a halle, or more of an sjp? see below for the lowdown – applies to fashionistos, too!

long face a la sjp – look for wide frames to break up the length of your face. oval or round shapes give the illusion of greater width. a word of caution: avoid anything with vertical lines – it will only make you look longer.

round face a la kate bosworth – look for angular frames that contrast with your curves to create a longer and slimmer look. opt for shades with squared-off bottoms, and skip very rounded or curved styles.


heart-shaped face a la reese – look for frames with rounded upper corners to draw attention away from the forehead. square bottoms will soften the chin, but on top, stay clear of any hard horizontals.

square face a la paris – if you have a square face like paris hilton, look for gently curved oval or round frames to lengthen the face – think aviators over any square styles.

oval face a la halle – lucky girl! you can pretty much pull off any sunglass style, so go for it! try the new hipster fave or a glam retro look.  

style icon of the week

31 May

…goes to the Other Boleyn Girl, Natalie Portman!

Not only is this petite star talented and intelligent (Harvard alum, what?), she’s got plenty of style to boot. She seems to pull off conservative, simple styles effortlessly and has been coined the Audrey Hepburn of our time. 

Not to mention how absolutely obsessed I am with the purple Lanvin she wore in Cannes!! Kudos to Ms. Portman 🙂 

star looks for less

29 May

hellew, fashionistas and fashionistos! for my update this week, i thought i’d offer up some chic spring looks, straight from the stars! now, you might be asking yourself “how the afdl;j#%sg; do you expect me to afford these?” well, problem solved – i’ve found some similarly haute outfits for much, much less than these stars paid for them! enjoy 🙂

eva’s sunny escapade:

key elements: shift dress – $68 from + lucite bangle – $28 from

natalie’s classy conservative:

key elements: shorts – $56 from + tee – $95 from + pumps – $29 from


jessica’s trendy cobalt:

key elements: cowl neck dress – $73 from + gladiator heels – $69.99 from


wedding mania!

20 May


since it’s almost june aka the brink of wedding season, i thought i’d devote a post to appropriate wedding wear. i also want to dedicate this post to erica shaw, my first close friend to get married, and my lovely brides-to-be, shelley barnes and jenny lake!

inevitably, the wedding venue will determine the outfit you wear, but there are two rules of thumb wedding guests should always follow – never overshadow the beautiful bride and never, ever wear (all) white.

below are suggested wedding outfits, straight off the haute list!

conservative/formal wedding: 


beach/outdoor wedding:

and the award for most versatile/my favorite wedding outfit of the season…