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jackie o, we loved her so!

19 Sep

hello, one year later! after much too long of a break, the haute list is back in full swing! i’ve finally settled into nyc, started a new job in fashion and continue to gather inspiration from the beautiful city and people around me.

today i’m inspired by jackie kennedy onassis, our 35th first lady. with the recent project runway challenge in mind (gotta love mondo’s look!) and katie holmes set to play mrs. kennedy in an upcoming miniseries, it’s only fitting to pay tribute to this timeless style icon.

i love (okay, am obsessed with) jackie’s signature pillbox hats, round-frame glasses and other accessories, like gloves, bows and pearls. let’s face it: us girly girls can only aspire to be as elegant and refined as this former first lady. even the outfit she donned to her late husband’s funeral was to die for (badum-chh!).

here are some ways you can infuse a little jackie into your wardrobe:

  • stand out! try gloves with your next cocktail dress, or add a stylish pair of pearls or colorful flats to a simple ensemble.
  • fall for wardrobe staples: try a sheath dress or trench coat for fall!
  • get a tailor! the right fit can make or break an outfit.
  • remember that less is more. jackie’s look was always simple and streamlined, with just a hint of drama.

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you’re either een or you’re out!

3 Aug

i love, love, LOVE project runway and am so happy for its return. however, is anyone else bored by the lack of creativity so far this season? i can’t really see any of the designers making it big – except for kelli and kenley. what ticked me off the most was the gristedes challenge during episode 1 – i couldn’t believe only one or two of the contestants used produce to create their garments! most of them used tablecloths or other fabrics, which is pretty much cheating..

but i digress. i was really impressed by kenley and leanne this week (their designs below): 


the rest of the designers need to get their mojos going…or auf wiedersehen! holla atcha girl 🙂

Make It Work

4 Mar

W’dup bitches? So the highly anticipated Project Runway finale is this Wednesday night! A girlfriend of mine and I were discussing who we think will be the winner and it really is a close call this year.

Like everyone else in America, I fell in love with Christian Siriano and his fierceness. But could he really win fan favorite AND be winner of Project Runway?? He certainly is talented for his age, but the preview of his collection during last week’s episode left me astonished…and not in a good way.

Then there’s the snoozefest that is Rami Kashou. Sure, he can drape and he can beat Chris March in a showcase showdown (L), but does he have the raw talent we crave in a PJ winner? And isn’t it a little unfair that he already has his own design studio in L.A. and has made dresses for Jessica “Don’t Call Me Latina” Alba?

Two weeks ago my prediction would’ve been different, but my money is now on Jillian. She may not be a sassbox a la Siriano or a bald-headed bore like Rami, but she’s consistently great. She impresses me more and more each week and her collection (or what I’ve seen of it so far) looks fabulous.

So what do you think? Who will be in and who will be out?

**Warning** Spoilers below…