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the laws of chiconomics

21 Nov


hey everyone! the haute list has returned after a hiatus of sorts…i don’t know about you guys, but my kooba bag has certainly been feeling a little lighter lately. even if you’re not short on cash, the state of our economy is reason enough to plump up that piggy bank.

this week, i thought i would focus on the laws of chiconomics. study up, recessionistas!

1) learn how to spot quality: good quality goes a long way, but great quality can last a lifetime. one wardrobe essential that should be of the utmost quality is the classic cardigan. elements that i look for in a quality cardigan include the knit of the sweater — both the color and density of the fabric; buttons — depending on your personal preference, rhinestones can give cardigans a modern, yet ladylike flair; and the hem, cuffs and collar of the sweater.

of course, these are simple guidelines to one of many wardrobe staples…but once you get the hang of spotting quality, your pieces will survive more than one season, leaving you some wiggle room on those splurge-worthy items.  

2) if you don’t absolutely love it, keep shopping: this has become my new rule of thumb. i will walk out of a store before purchasing an item, just to “test” whether i am still thinking about it once i leave the store. if i absolutely love a piece, i will keep thinking about it until it’s mine. true love indeed 🙂

3) when shopping online, full price is a last resort: there’s really no excuse for paying full price online, especially with the advent of sites such as eBay and bluefly. there are also many online sample sale sites, including gilt.com, hautelook.com and ruelala.com. if discount sites are not your bag, comparing prices on several different websites is also an option. 

4) the more you’ll wear it, the more it’s worth: simple math can help you shop! use the quiz below (courtesy of instyle magazine) to help calculate whether an item is worth buying…starting with a value of 100, add or subtract as you go:

  • Does it go with more than three things you own? YES (+5); NO (-10)
  • How many seasons can you wear it in? ONE (-5); TWO (+0); THREE (+5); ALL FOUR (+10)
  • Would your boyfriend, boss and glammiest girlfriend all approve? YES (+5); NO (-5)
  • How often will you wear it? OFTEN (+10); SOMETIMES (-10); ONCE (-15)
  • If it’s a clothing item, does it need dry cleaning? YES (-5); NO (+5)
  • Will it transition from day to night? YES (+5); NO (-5)
  • When was it last in style? WHEN WASN’T IT (+10); FALL 1991 (-10)
  • Do you need to lose weight for it to fit? YES (-50); NO (+5)

Results: 50 and below – Purchase at your own peril. 50 to 95 – Proceed with caution. 100 to 120 – You love it. It looks great and is a good choice! 121 and above – Buy one in every color 🙂